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"One thing that we've realised,
about our 'Favourite Things'
is the list just keeps getting longer,
with the joy togetherness brings."

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"Our Favourite Things" by Kate Vaisutis


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Firstly, I congratulate you for being an open minded individual who realizes the importance of reading to the young, not just as a way of developing language skills but also for introducing new life experiences and concepts. 

You are perhaps a parent or a care-giver, with a growing conscience, looking for a way to interact with your children on a deeper level.  Perhaps you are a loving Aunt or Uncle or Grandparent looking for a special gift with a special message? 

Whatever your background, you are here for a reason, and that is because you value the importance of story telling.

Story telling has always been used as a means for adults to impart knowledge to minors.   We need only look back through history to tribal leaders passing on important survival techniques; some are disguised as superstitions, some as fairy tales or nursery rhymes;  but regardless of how it is “dressed up” story telling enables children to understand and learn important character building principles and values.

The aim of this book is to remind us as parents and caregivers of a few of life’s basic pleasures and the importance of sharing ‘family time’ together.  By doing so, we will build on a growing consciousness that there more to life than materialism.

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